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Effective exercise in just 12 minutes

Want to get your exercise ✅ in just 12 minutes?!

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to:

🔥burn fat (and keep burning for hours beyond your workout--aka. afterburn effect)

👶increase human growth hormone (HGH--your anti-aging hormone)

💪increase testosterone (helps build lean muscle mass)

💉lower blood pressure (reduce risk of stroke and heart disease)

💯boost metabolism (increase your ability to burn fat & feel energized)

👍increase insulin sensitivity (helps regulate blood sugar)

High intensity interval training (or Tabata-type workouts) can be done at any level of fitness, with pretty much any type of activity. So if you like to take walks, you can simply do short bursts of fast/brisk walking (usually 20-30 seconds) then walk slowly/leisurely for 10-20 seonds in-between. Or you can choose one muscle group and do 3 different types of exercises. For example arms: bicep curls, arm circles, and tricep kick-backs. Do 20 seconds "on" (as fast as you can with good posture and low or no weight) and then 20 seconds "off" 3 times with each exercise (2 minutes on each exercise) and then repeat the whole cyle for a total of 12 minutes of exercise.

If you struggle to come up with your own "work-outs," try the free#7minuteworkoutapp (search "7 Minute Workout" in the google play or apple app store).

I love this type of workout as a busy mom. Even when my daughter wants to be in my arms, I can hold her and do some squats. Or when get both my kiddos involved by having them copy me like 'Simon Says'. Playing some music and getting your groove on helps too!

Have you ever tried HIIT? What did you like? What did you struggle with? 👇Comment below!

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