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About Brandi Kneller


My own health journey started back in 2011 when I realized my own health was starting down a road I wasn't willing to continue on.  I was fresh out of college and had gained a little more than the 'Freshman 15.'  I was working my first corporate job, trying to prove myself, working hard, stressed out, eating whatever was convenient, and using energy drinks to get me through the day.  And I started to see my health deteriorate. 

After watching my mom, grandma and other family members struggle with their weight over the years doing diet after diet, I knew this wasn't the path I wanted to take.  And I definitely wasn't going to wait until I had 30, 40, or 50 pounds to lose!

I drew a line in the sand (so to speak)...and decided I was going to pursue a healthy lifestyle. But I didn't really know what that looked like...

Over the last 9 years, I have tripped and failed and learned and figured out what a lean and healthy person's lifestyle looks like.  Not only have I implemented what I call the true principles to health into my daily life, but I have worked in the health and wellness field for the last 8 years.  Four of those years working for one of the largest holistic wellness centers in Colorado and the last four years serving as the Director of Operations for one of the largest nutritional weight loss companies in Colorado.

During this time, I learned so much from my mentors and from my patients and clients.  Not only did I learn what principles need to be in place for health to thrive, but I learned what worked or didn't work clinically for individuals.

Watching people transform their health with the knowledge and the tools they had been given, was what fueled my passion for holistic nutrition and health coaching.

Although I am educationally qualified with my bachelors degree in marketing and certificate in entrepreneurship from the University of Northern Iowa and my Clinical Nutrition Consultant certificate from the Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy, Inc, my real gifts are...

1) teaching --taking high level concepts and breaking them down in a way that equips you with the knowledge you need to succeed.  #whenyouknowbetteryoudobetter

2) coaching --guiding you down the path that is going to work best for you.

3) valuing --I see your value and I help you see you are capable of much more than you think they are.

Today, I am proud to say that I walk the talk.  I not only have transformed my own health, but work towards leaving a legacy of health in my family.  I have 2 beautiful kids and a supportive husband.  And I'm doing it.  I'm pursing my dreams, and living in my purpose.

What are your dreams?  Do you want your energy back?  To feel confident in your skin? 

I'd love to help you! 

Let's get after it, shall we?

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Wellness Shifted is an online-based health and wellness company committed to your weight loss results.  Hi, I’m Brandi the founder of Wellness Shifted.  I designed Wellness Shifted on the declaration that you will have your Wellness SHIFTED.  At Wellness Shifted, we take a holistic or whole life approach to weight loss.  We know weight loss isn’t simple.  The whole eat less, exercise more plan may work for the short term, but eventually the results fizzle out leaving you more frustrated and exhausted at the end.  Why is that?  It’s because you are a complex human being and starving your body (or beating it into submission) creates hormone dysfunction and a skewed relationship to food.

When losing weight, you have to take into consideration what caused the weight gain.  That in itself is a complex question isn’t?  If I asked you what you thought the cause of your ‘weight problem’ is, you may give me a variety of answers.  From I eat too much, to I’m not sure I eat well and exercise, to after having kids things just weren’t the same.  Do you have cravings?  Are you stressed? Do you have the habit from childhood to join the “clean your plate club?”  Usually being overweight isn’t one thing, and it’s usually NOT your fault.  At Wellness Shifted we address the underlying causes of extra body fat:  hormone and metabolism dysfunction, lack of nutrient dense fuel, toxicity, and our mindset around being a lean, mean, happy human-being!

Here’s the truth, deprivation, starvation, and math are not necessary or effective to lose weight! 

At Wellness Shifted you will learn...

  • simple techniques to retrain your brain

  • practical steps to overhaul your nutrition

  • key principles to having health wealth

  • how to make long-term changes effortless

  • short-cuts to living the life of your dreams

Simply put, if you shift your mind, shift your body, and shift your life

…you will experience a transformation in your health that will last a lifetime.

If you'd like to see if Wellness Shifted is right for you, your next step is to schedule a free Discover Call.  This is an hour long one-on-one consultation where we get to "discover" more about each other and see if working together is a good fit. Click the button below to find a date/time that works best for you!

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